Returns price details for all monitored items in our database that belong to the specified application. If the item has no sales history its shown prices will be 0.

Parameter Value Description
key a38vnv9498n48ndg89n Your api key, you can see it on your profile page
game_id 570 | 730 Identifier of the application(game) which contents you want to receive
Example Response
Response fields
Parameter Description
img Image URL of item on Steam Community
bad_item It returns 0 or 1. If set to 1, then we do not recommend using this item in your project.
hash_name Market Hash Name of Item
safe_price Returns a safe price to use if there is an ongoing price manipulation.
last_update Unix date when item updated last time
project_price Use this value for your project.
latest_order_info It returns information about a number of orders to buy and sell
ongoing_price_manipulation Indicates if we have detected a price manipulation on Steam Market. Returns 0 or 1. If set to 1, "avg_price_7_days" will no longer be returned. "safe_price" should be used in your project.