How it works



Name Description Documentation Request limits Price per hour
Items Returns price details for all monitored items in our database that belong to the specified application. If the item has no sales history its shown prices will be 0. 100/min | 5000/day 0.004
Inventory This endpoint fetches Steam's inventory endpoint through a pool of proxies giving us the ability to bypass rate-limiting. Returned data is exactly what Steam returns to us without caching. 100/min | 5000/day 0.008

Request Limits

Name Price/Hour Price/Month Request limits Maximum Requests
Default 0 0 100/min | 5000/day Default
Starter 0.007 5.04 250/min | 10000/day
Amateur 0.013 9.36 500/min | 20000/day
Pro 0.027 19.44 1000/min | 50000/day